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Team Format 

KS2 - 6-10 per team - Target audience; Young people with additional needs who would not otherwise have opportunities to represent their school.

Events on the day will comprise of:

Flight Path

Boccia Blast

New Age Kurling

Parachute Popcorn

Table Cricket


Messi Football

Precision Beanbag

Tennis Time Trial

Prior preparation is not necessary for this event. However you may wish to pratise some skills some as throwing and catching, throwing/rolling towards a target and hitting a ball with a racquet. 

 Selection criteria:

Pupils should be ALL of the below: - On school’s SEND register - Not accessed or be unable to access any mainstream events (A, B or C teams dependent on school size) - If a child’s Learning Difficulty does not significantly effect - and therefore has no bearing on their performance - then they should NOT be selected. Pupils who are only of low sporting ability with no SEND need should NOT be chosen to represent going forward, as these pupils should be chosen in B or C teams.