Key Stage 1 Competition 2009-2010

Year 1 and 2 classes have been invited to participate in another Multiskills Competition concentrating on FUNdamental Movement Skills.


In the last academic year the Key Stage 1 Multiskills Competition was offered to all Year 2 classes in the Lode-Heath Partnership. A total of 15 schools (53% of total schools) and 24 classes (49% of total classes) participated. This meant a total of 598 pupils across the partnership were involved in the competition.


Building on last year’s success we are now extending the competition to include Year 1 pupils who will complete 4 of the FUNdamental Movement skills as opposed to the 8 performed by the Year 2 pupils. The aims are to increase the intra and inter-school competitive opportunities for pupils in Key Stage 1, which has been identified as a priority area within School Sport Partnerships towards achieving the ‘5 hour offer’.


A team of coaches (supported by Lisa Edwards, SSCo) from Solihull College will help to deliver the competition. The coaches will deliver to schools on Wednesday afternoons from 1.00 - 3.30pm and each school will be allocated dates on which the competition will be delivered.


Alternatively, some schools will be delivering the competition with the use of their own staff to ensure that the delivery of the KS1 competition is more sustainable for future years. They will also using Year 6 pupils as assistants to increase the amount of leadership opportunities available, which counts towards the ‘5 hour offer’ as the volunteers are fundamentally active.


The competition will run from the November 2009 to February 2010. A results system will be in place to allow schools to compare, firstly their pupil’s results and then, their results against others in their cluster.


Deadline for entry is the 23rd October 2009. An entry form has also been emailed and posted to all Primary Schools in Lode Heath School Sports Partnership.

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